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A creative and fun collection of handcrafted hair accessories for women with different hair textures. We help women protect their hair by creating vibrant hair accessories that accentuates a woman's individual style and beauty.

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Model wearing a Queen of Spades Headwrap and Belt
African-American woman with dark red hair wearing a black leather jacket


Your authentic self starts from the top

Each of the head wraps, bandanas, and athletic head bands are hand made by artisans and named after a family member, friend or situation. Explore our story to see how we began!

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Summer/Fall Light Head wraps
$ 22.00 
Large Embellished Hand Crafted Hair Combs
$ 25.00 
Embellished Custom Sunglasses
$ 60.00 

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Bold patterns and designs made in America

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Hair accessories guaranteed to fit different hair textures

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Handmade and sourced for you

Supporting Women-Owned businesses

At Queen of Spades Style, we pride ourselves on sourcing and supporting women-owned businesses locally and abroad.


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