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"You do not have to assimilate, you need to stand out!"

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Since the age on 12 years old, I put chemical relaxers in my hair to straighten my hair every 4-6 weeks. I would get burns and hair loss because of the damage from the chemical.  I straightened my hair throughout middle school, high school, college,serving proudly in the United States Air Force and in corporate America. After decades of hurting my scalp and hair, I made a decision to stop putting chemical relaxers in my hair, hurting myself and love the hair that grows out of my head. I was tired of conforming to please others and trying to 'fit in' or 'look professional' to standards that should not have been applied to me.

While working in Corporate America, I started to wear my hair in it’s natural state and I went to various stores looking for hair pins, hair combs, ponytail holders, anything that would not only accent my natural hair but also hold thicker textures of hair. I could not find anything so I started making my own hair accessories.

I'm going to share with you the pivotal moment where I realized my authentic self would not be accepted. A few years ago, I worked for a Fortune 500 company at the time I decided to go natural and stop relaxing my hair. During the time I worked there, I put braids in my hair and pulled it back and wore it in a bun.  After a few weeks, I took my braids out, washed my hair and then put so much gel in my hair so I can slick it back into a bun and went to work.  A manager walked by my desk and said, “You took your braids out? Good, now you look professional.” That experience and a few others confirmed I would not be accepted for who I am.

Since I could not find hair accessories for my hair texture, I started making my own. I received so many compliments that I decided to turn my talent and passion into a full fledged business.

I am making hair accessories for different hair textures/styles - straight, curly, coily, natural, twists, locs and braids. I am bringing color to your wardrobe and most of all, being inclusive of all hair textures.

Finally, I am able to be my authentic self for a living, be embraced and appreciated for exactly who I am.

A photo of Monifa Caines the founder and owner of Queen of Spades Style


our process


We find talented local artisans in different countries around the world.


Together we design authentic patterns that express the joy of different cultures.


We are proud to source and make most of our products in Senegal.


Everything we sell is unique and we thank our wonderful and supportive customers for believing in us.

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